The Sale

Guys - We'll be starting our pre-Christmas sale tonite. It will run through Thanksgiving weekend. We'll also be introducing new combos with big savings. Be sure to check out the airplane combos page tonite for these special deals. Also, the 87" Extras in the White/Blue color scheme will be shipping for $99/ground service during this sale.

Partial list of sale items:

Extra SR 47" ARF Red
Extra SR 47" ARF White
SLick 51" ARF
Velox 47" ARF
Sukhoi 49" ARF
Sukhoi 57" ARF
Extra 87" SHP (Special $99 shipping on blue/white)
Extra 300 SHP 47"
Extra 300 SHP 55" Red
Yak 54 55" purple
Hitec HS-65MG Servo
Hitec HS-85MG Servo
Hitec HS-225MG Servo
Hitec HS-7955TG Servo
Edge 55" Combo
Edge 40" Combo
Extra 47" SHP Combo
Extra 55" SHP Combo

More to come...


Also, the Aspera V2 product page is up, and pre-orders are being taken. This is a really, really great 46" precision aircraft that uses the components from our 47" aerobatic aircraft. It's very tame and gentle in the pattern and you can use 3S 2200mah setups to fly it on 350-450 watts, but it's even better on 4S at 500-600W. While you're on the Aspera page, watch the video - I think it's still one of the best RC videos ever produced - great job Fred and HigherPlane!

Fly Low!


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