3DHS in the UK

3DHobbyShop is proud to announce that 3DHS aircraft will soon be available in the UK and Europe!  Global RC has been named the exclusive distributor of 3DHobbyShop aircraft to the United Kingdom.

Stuart and his crew at Global RC are experienced with ARF aircraft and will be importing the entire 3DHS line.  Their first shipment will be on its way soon with a variety of different aircraft onboard, and more selection will be available during 2012.  Join us in welcoming Global RC into the 3DHS family!  You can find them at www.globalrc.co.uk, their new URL www.3dhobbyshop.co.uk, and their Facebook page!

3DHS 48" EPP Extra

Introducing the 3D Hobby Shop 48" EPP Extra!

We debuted this design at the 2011 Holiday Electric Fly and RC Expo in Geneva Ohio this weekend:

The 48" EPP Extra is the first in a new line of aircraft from 3D Hobby Shop.  Built at the world's premier EPP production facility, the 48" employs built up EPP foam structure with

  • carbon backbone
  • carbon wing tube
  • removable airfoiled wings
  • carbon stiffened wings, fuse and tail
  • SFG's
which all combine to give superb flight performance and serious durability.

Recommended setup includes:

  • 130g 870kV Omega motor
  • 45-55A ESC
  • 4- HS65MG servos
  • 3S 2100-2200 mah lipo 

This rugged and versatile design is great as your next step up from flat EPP foam planes, a fantastic practice plane, or your go-to hardcore aerobatics plane, with extremely easy 3D and good speed and handling in gusty winds.  Available now at 3DHobbyShop.com!

Foam Fest Report

What a great event!  Just look at this fantastic facility:

Noll hovers the 33" EPP Extra

Joe and Arron attempt the 3D obstacle course with the 34" EPP Edge

3D Hobby Shop introduced the brand new 48" EPP Extra... but more on that later in the week...

And congrats to Team Pilot Joe Smith, winner of the 3D Freestyle event!

Thanks again to Flying Giants and the Holiday Electric Fly-RC Expo for hosting such a great event!

2011 Foam Fest

We're packing up our foamies and heading to the Flying Giants' Indoor Huckfest this weekend at the Holiday Electric Fly in Geneva, Ohio.  There's going to be several contests, including a 3D smack down- we can't wait!

Hope to see you there!

Lots of Slickness

AJ Slicks are back in stock!  This includes the 51"71" and 42" and 89", all in the newest color schemes:

Visit the product pages at 3DHobbyShop.com for all the details, including combo offers for motors, ESCs, and more!

Congrats, AJ!

Our congratulations, once again, go out to Andrew Jesky!

AJ is the 2011 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Invitational Champion- woot!

Andrew's hard work, talent and determination has delivered an amazing year: USA F3A Nationals Champion, Bronze medalist at the FAI World Championship, and now winning Tucson!  Congrats, Andrew- we love to watch you fly.

Oktoberfest 2011

Oktoberfest 2011 was fantastic!  Absolutely perfect flying weather, good food, and lots of Flying Low!

The Byper made its first public appearance:

Thanks so much to everyone at the Austin Radio Control Association for their hospitality and a great event!

The 3DHS Grand Re-Opening!

We've (mostly) finished the move, and the 3D Hobby Shop online store is open for business!

The entire site has been redesigned and included some brand new products, including the 34" EPP Edge 540:

These are in stock and shipping now!

The EPP 34" Edge 540 is an indoor/outdoor aerobatic aircraft designed for fun, value, durability and high performance.  Like our 33" EPP Extra, the 34" Edge can be crashed many times without damage, but the Edge adds a complete landing gear system, additional stiffening, and aerodynamics focused on a wider speed range.

As you can see, it makes the perfect backyard flier!

We also now have great new combo items for many of our airframes, including motors, ESCs, and servos.  Check them out!

Sneak Peek

As we settle into our new warehouse here in Pennsylvania, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at the new 3D Hobby Shop biplane, designed by Scott Stoops and currently being flight tested.

It's sized to use the same gear as the 51" Slick, and with a few more changes, will be coming soon from 3DHobbyShop.com!

Ohio Huckfest and Winner of the King 50!

We're having a great time at the Ohio Huckfest this weekend- great weather and great flying, day and night!

And speaking of great flying, congrats to Joe Smith- winner of this year's King 50!

Joe won with his 3D Hobby Shop 87" Extra SHP... and look how low he got to win:

Check out Sleepy's Photo Thread for the Huckfest at Flying Giants for more...

Vote for 3DHS!

The AMA magazine, Model Aviation, is having a contest for next month's cover, and you can vote for 3D Hobby Shop!  Just go to their virtual boardroom and vote for the Red 104"AJ Slick:

Thanks for your vote!!

On the Move

As some of you may have heard, 3D Hobby Shop is moving!  We are relocating the warehouse to Lancaster, Pennsylvania during the month of August.  As a result, the last day of website sales will be tomorrow, Friday, August 5, until we reopen in September.

In the meantime, you can purchase 3D Hobby Shop products from our dealers:

ADC Hobby Store
Esprit Model

The target date to relaunch the website is September 10, and we'll have new products, airplanes and features ready to go!  We'll post updates here on the blog and on the homepage at www.3dhobbyshop.com... stay tuned!!

Congratulations Andrew!

Congratulations to Andrew Jesky, bronze medalist in the FAI World Championship!

For results, photos and sequences, visit the AMA website.

AJ, you rock!