Getting caught up.

Got back from the Arizona Electric Festival earlier this week, now we're getting caught up on emails and shipping. Lots of info will hit the blog over the next several days about our new aircraft shown at the Festival:

The 46" Vyper Precision/3D hybrid
The 103" Extra 330 SC
The 42" AJ Slick
The 40" Extra 330 SC

Thanks to Scott Stoops, Andrew Jesky, and Josh Young for awesome demo flights in Az. Video to be posted here.

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Here's a list of the events on the 3DHobbyShop calendar (so far) in 2009:

Arizona Electric Festival Jan 22-25

Scott Stoops and Andrew Jesky will be flying their designs and the 3DH crew will be selling airframes and accessories. 3 new aircraft to be officially unveiled for Late Spring/summer delivery.

T.I.N.Y March 7-8

I'll be hosing up simple maneuvers in the indoor pattern competition, 3DH crew will have ARF aircraft for sale.

The Toledo RC Show April 3-5

Tentative. It is difficult to get into the show, but we're planning on being there. Andrew Jesky will be competing in the ETOC contest with his "Osiris" indoor precision aircraft. We should have a full lineup of ARF aircraft to sell. 1 new aircraft expected to debut.

S.E.F.F. April 30-May 3

Too much fun! We'll be on the 3D flightline. Andrew Jesky and Scott Stoops to fly demos. Lots of our friends set up tents on the flightline and it's a big party all weekend.

Joe Nall May 13-16

Tentative. It's only a few weeks after SEFF, so we're planning to fly in and set up a small tent near the main flightline.

Fly-Low-In June 5-7

This is our company Fly-In. Last year, we had people from Alabama, California, Kansas, and Norway! 3D all weekend. Plenty of aircraf to sell and a great raffle. Excellent hosting by the 114th aero Squadron.

Futaba XFC June 12-14

Tentative. Andrew Jesky expected to compete. We may spectate, or may vend, too early to plan.

BEST Electrics - Expected in October - Info to come.

Tucson Shootout - October - Info to come.


Whew. I'm tired already.

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Happy New Year/ Schedule/ Freestyles

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's hope 2009 settles down so we can all get back to normality and fly!


3DHobbyShop will be attending the 2009 Arizona Electric Festival on January 22-24th. Here's the thread. It's a fantastic event. Scott Stoops and Andrew Jesky are scheduled to fly with us, and we'll be introducing 2 or perhaps 3 brand new aircraft at the event, all of which are scheduled for Spring or late Spring delivery. We'll have plenty of aircraft and accessories for sale in the vendor's area, too. Should be a good time, hope to see you there!


Still working on my 2009 goal of flying a credible freestyle in front of the public. I think the music is finished. That took a lot longer than I expected. Along the way, I mixed up several selections that I've decided not to use, but maybe they'll help someone else start flying freestyle, so I'll make them available. All of these are .wma files to play in windows media player. A .wav file is 10X as large, and that's not so practical. What I do for practicing is to set Media Payer on loop and turn off all of the sound functions on RealFlight G4.

Freestyle 1

Freestyle 2

Freestyle 3

Which mix am I using? That's a secret. Andrew and Mark and QuiQue aren't worried, I'm sure.

So, part #1 of the project, create a freestyle music mix that can be flown to, is accomplished.

Part #2, design a series of maneuvers that I can fly (with practice) and which flow logically to the music, is underway. To do this, I've made great use of the very best tool I know of,

Fred Midgett at Higherplane has produced and collected the finest collection of freestyle videos in the world. I have them on DVD, and I'm also a "FlightPass" subscription service member so I can watch even more of them online. For learning what a high-scoring freestyle is, this has to be the best resource. There are some free videos to watch, I recommend you check them out.

More news to come!

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