The Sale

Guys - We'll be starting our pre-Christmas sale tonite. It will run through Thanksgiving weekend. We'll also be introducing new combos with big savings. Be sure to check out the airplane combos page tonite for these special deals. Also, the 87" Extras in the White/Blue color scheme will be shipping for $99/ground service during this sale.

Partial list of sale items:

Extra SR 47" ARF Red
Extra SR 47" ARF White
SLick 51" ARF
Velox 47" ARF
Sukhoi 49" ARF
Sukhoi 57" ARF
Extra 87" SHP (Special $99 shipping on blue/white)
Extra 300 SHP 47"
Extra 300 SHP 55" Red
Yak 54 55" purple
Hitec HS-65MG Servo
Hitec HS-85MG Servo
Hitec HS-225MG Servo
Hitec HS-7955TG Servo
Edge 55" Combo
Edge 40" Combo
Extra 47" SHP Combo
Extra 55" SHP Combo

More to come...


Also, the Aspera V2 product page is up, and pre-orders are being taken. This is a really, really great 46" precision aircraft that uses the components from our 47" aerobatic aircraft. It's very tame and gentle in the pattern and you can use 3S 2200mah setups to fly it on 350-450 watts, but it's even better on 4S at 500-600W. While you're on the Aspera page, watch the video - I think it's still one of the best RC videos ever produced - great job Fred and HigherPlane!

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89" Slick UPDATE

We're getting ready to post the 89" Slick product page in the next week, when we do, the 89" Slick will be available in two color schemes done in Ulracote.

Scheme #1 is Andrew's competition scheme. This scheme is probably the most visible scheme I've ever flown. The red curve on the wing top vs. the blue squares on bottom is unmistakable.

Scheme #2 is this yellow scheme, with more straight lines.

Both will be available in limited quantities only, and full-paid pre-orders start soon!

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Vacation! 89" Slick!

We're getting away for a whole 3 days...and we're not taking any airplanes along! This hasn't happened in years. Wed November 12- Fri November 14 we'll be closed.



The AJ Slick 89" aircraft are in production. Delivery is expected in February. When this aircraft arrives, it will be the biggest, baddest, floatiest, 3Ding-est 50-60CC ARF in the world.

To watch Andrew fly the Slick on DA-50, click here for video.

To watch a very average set of thumbs (mine) fly the Slick on Hacker A60 electric, click here for video.

The Slick design, created in CAD by Andrew Jesky, is a relatively small-wing/large fuselage design. So, 89" wingspan doesn't even being to express how big this plane is. It's huge. As a result, it floats through maneuvers like few other aircraft. We've been letting pilots try the prototypes over the last few months, and their typical comment is "It flies like a 40%!".

With any aircraft this large, inevitably there will be questions about how to power it. Most of the test flying was done on a regular, stock DA-50 at 18.5-19.5lbs. This provides good pull out of hover and good (but not crazy) vertical. Any of the basic 50CC engines, such as the DL-50, will do a fine job. If you want guidance on a 50CC engine, contact us at 3DHobbyShop, because there are a few to stay away from. For more vertical, or for high-altitude flying, a larger engine can be fitted, and the Slick ARF includes pre-fabricated mounts for the MTW 75K canister. For electric power, the Hacker A60-16L or 18L on 12S 5000mah do a fine job, but more power is available with the Reaper GR-70 or Hacker A80. Note that the Reaper 70 and Hacker 80will require a large ESC, usually a Hacker Spin 170, while the A60 is happy on a Castle 110HV.

The 89" Slick will be available for pre-order starting around Thanksgiving. Projected price is $679 + shipping. This includes carbon wing spar tube, carbon wing sleeve tubes, carbon stab spar tube, carbon main gear, carbon tail wheel, ultracote, pre-attached and finished canopy, aluminum bracing on firewall and landing gear plate, and much more. A limited number will be available on this first shipment.

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Edges and Extras!

A big shipment arrived at 3DHobbyShop this weekend. The Edges in 40", 47", and 55" are all in-stock. Pre-orders are shipping out first, expected to be completed by Tuesday.

87" Extra 300 SHP's in the White/Blue color scheme have also arrived and are in-stock.

47" Extra SHP's are in-stock in both Yellow and Blue color schemes.

Also, look for new products from 3DHS coming in Late November and December!

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Another Frequenty-asked question..

I'm trying to put all of the commonly asked questions into this blog for safekeeping and easy retrieval. Here's a common one:

How do I program my DX7 radio to activate both of the elevator servos in a 55" Extra or Yak, or the 87" Extra or 89" Slick?


Dual ELEVATOR servos and DUAL Aileron servos on DX7 -

Originally posted by Mike McConville, Horizon Hobby, on RC Universe

First, the rx connections:

1. Right side elevator into ELEV channel
2. Left Side elevator into AUX 2 channel
3. Right Side aileron into AIL channel
4. Left side aileron into FLAP (AUX 1) channel
5. Rudder and Throttle into the normal channels

TX program

1. Go into the Set-up mode (hold down scroll and select keys while turning on tx)
2. Scroll to the Input Select screen
3. Set Aux2 to INH, AUX2 TRIM to INH, FLAP to INH, FLAP TRIM to INH
This turns off both of these channels from the levers and switches. This is the proper way to do this, not using P-mixes or Travel adjust.
4. Scroll to Wing Type
5. Activate Flaperon

Elevator Set up
1. Power off tx and turn back on. Go to normal programming mode
2. Scroll to P-mix 6 (or Mix 5 - mix 5 and 6 "master" trim changes into both master and slave channel. Mixes 1 through 4 do NOT - editor). Set ELEV as master and AUX2 as slave.
3. Scroll to Sub Trim and set the neutral for the right side elevator with ELEV channel and the neutral for the left side elevator with AUX2.
4. Scroll to Travel Adjust. Set the desired travel for the right side elevator with the ELEV adjustment.
5. Scroll back to P-Mix 6 and tweak the travel of the left side elevator to match the right side with the mix values, for each stick direction.

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Will this motor work?

As you can imagine, we get that question a lot. Here are some rules for evaluating brushless motors for our airframes:


In order to use a motor in one of our aircraft, it will need to be approximately the correct weight, or else it won't be possible to balance the aircraft. This is the most important and basic criteria for selecting a motor. Below are weights for some of the motors we recommend for our aircraft. If you want to know if a certian motor will work in of our airframes, compare its weight to the weight of the recommended motor. Try to choose one within 10% if possible.

Torque 22T-930 57grams
Torque 2830-1095 70g
Torque 2818-900 104g
Torque 2814-820 143g
Torque 2812-720 180g
Torque 4014-T570 280g
Reaper Gr-25 67g
Reaper Gr-35 132g
Reaper Gr-45 193g
Reaper Gr-60 276g


The second criteria is KV, which stands for Thousand RPM per Volt. Look up the motor we recommend and find its KV value. Here is a chart of typical values for our aircraft according to the battery pack used:

3S Lipoly 820-1200KV
4S Lipoly 700-950KV
5S Lipoly 500-650KV
6S Lipoly 350-450KV

Try to choose a motor with a similar KV to the one recommended, or at least within the range above. NOTE: Very inexpensive motors, in addition to having other problems, often have an erroneous KV value advertised for them.

3.Motor and Prop Mounting

Our aircraft use a motor mounting system in which the motor mounts in front of the firewall. This means the motors we recommend come with a part called a backmount or X-mount to attach them to the firewall. Make sure any motor you are considering can mount like this.

We much prefer a bolt-on prop adaptor system, such as the ones used on Reaper, Hacker and Torque motors. The other mounting system, used on most other motors, is called a collet-type prop adaptor. This type of prop adaptor is less secure and less compact. Many 3DHobbyShop aircraft are designed for the bolt-on type adaptor and any motor with a collet-type adaptor will be toolong to fit well. Please call or email us about your application if you want to use a collet-type prop adaptor in a 3DHobbyShop ARF.

4.Take a Chance?

If you have located a motor that is the right weight, correct KV, and has the correct mounting option, you may have found a good motor for your 3DHS aircraft. However, just a word to the wise, motors are literally not all created equal. There are good motors that feature high quality shafts and bearings, pure copper wire coated with good high-temp varnish, good quality glue on the magnet bell assembly, strong bearing mounts...etc. There are many other motors that have only some or none of these features. You can't always tell by looking at them from the outside. This is why we recommend the brands that we do, we know they are built well. If you want to try a less-expensive brand, follow the rules above in your selection and you may strike gold. However, in RC you quite often get exactly what you pay for.

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Show your colors

Busy weekend (getting ready for the shipment of:

40" Edge
47" Edge
55" Edge
47" SHP
47" SR
87" SHP White/Blue only a short post tonite. Just wanted to remind everyone that if you are a certified 3D junkie, you need to wear this stuff. Guys - don't end up with a new tie this Christmas. Give your loved ones this URL and you'll get cool stuff under the tree. Much better than a tie.

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