Vacation! 89" Slick!

We're getting away for a whole 3 days...and we're not taking any airplanes along! This hasn't happened in years. Wed November 12- Fri November 14 we'll be closed.



The AJ Slick 89" aircraft are in production. Delivery is expected in February. When this aircraft arrives, it will be the biggest, baddest, floatiest, 3Ding-est 50-60CC ARF in the world.

To watch Andrew fly the Slick on DA-50, click here for video.

To watch a very average set of thumbs (mine) fly the Slick on Hacker A60 electric, click here for video.

The Slick design, created in CAD by Andrew Jesky, is a relatively small-wing/large fuselage design. So, 89" wingspan doesn't even being to express how big this plane is. It's huge. As a result, it floats through maneuvers like few other aircraft. We've been letting pilots try the prototypes over the last few months, and their typical comment is "It flies like a 40%!".

With any aircraft this large, inevitably there will be questions about how to power it. Most of the test flying was done on a regular, stock DA-50 at 18.5-19.5lbs. This provides good pull out of hover and good (but not crazy) vertical. Any of the basic 50CC engines, such as the DL-50, will do a fine job. If you want guidance on a 50CC engine, contact us at 3DHobbyShop, because there are a few to stay away from. For more vertical, or for high-altitude flying, a larger engine can be fitted, and the Slick ARF includes pre-fabricated mounts for the MTW 75K canister. For electric power, the Hacker A60-16L or 18L on 12S 5000mah do a fine job, but more power is available with the Reaper GR-70 or Hacker A80. Note that the Reaper 70 and Hacker 80will require a large ESC, usually a Hacker Spin 170, while the A60 is happy on a Castle 110HV.

The 89" Slick will be available for pre-order starting around Thanksgiving. Projected price is $679 + shipping. This includes carbon wing spar tube, carbon wing sleeve tubes, carbon stab spar tube, carbon main gear, carbon tail wheel, ultracote, pre-attached and finished canopy, aluminum bracing on firewall and landing gear plate, and much more. A limited number will be available on this first shipment.

Fly Low!


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