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How do I program my DX7 radio to activate both of the elevator servos in a 55" Extra or Yak, or the 87" Extra or 89" Slick?


Dual ELEVATOR servos and DUAL Aileron servos on DX7 -

Originally posted by Mike McConville, Horizon Hobby, on RC Universe

First, the rx connections:

1. Right side elevator into ELEV channel
2. Left Side elevator into AUX 2 channel
3. Right Side aileron into AIL channel
4. Left side aileron into FLAP (AUX 1) channel
5. Rudder and Throttle into the normal channels

TX program

1. Go into the Set-up mode (hold down scroll and select keys while turning on tx)
2. Scroll to the Input Select screen
3. Set Aux2 to INH, AUX2 TRIM to INH, FLAP to INH, FLAP TRIM to INH
This turns off both of these channels from the levers and switches. This is the proper way to do this, not using P-mixes or Travel adjust.
4. Scroll to Wing Type
5. Activate Flaperon

Elevator Set up
1. Power off tx and turn back on. Go to normal programming mode
2. Scroll to P-mix 6 (or Mix 5 - mix 5 and 6 "master" trim changes into both master and slave channel. Mixes 1 through 4 do NOT - editor). Set ELEV as master and AUX2 as slave.
3. Scroll to Sub Trim and set the neutral for the right side elevator with ELEV channel and the neutral for the left side elevator with AUX2.
4. Scroll to Travel Adjust. Set the desired travel for the right side elevator with the ELEV adjustment.
5. Scroll back to P-Mix 6 and tweak the travel of the left side elevator to match the right side with the mix values, for each stick direction.

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