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Lots going on -

The Pre-Christmas sale is winding down. We'll have the sale finished and regular pricing back within a few days. If you've been looking at an airplane on sale, get that order in now, you can still catch the sale price until we get all of the sale buttons turned off!


Josh Young and myself have beating on our 89" Slick prototypes. Josh recently made a new video, see it here.
I've been flying mine on a Hacker A60-18L lately. Excellent setup. 12S 5000mah Zippy batteries (Only $152 for the 12S pack!!!!) are working fine. Here's some video on the Hacker.

We'll be posting pics of the #2 yellow color scheme for the 89" Slick this week.


Look for a new money-saving promotion from 3DHS and ReaperBrushless in the next week or so. We're loving our Reaper motors, really excellent products, and we think everyone should try we're cooking up a promotion to to make that happen! more details soon.


Look for a major new product announcement from 3DHS before Christmas. (No, it's not an airframe this time)


Fly Low!


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