One more deal before Christmas...

OK, there's time for one more money-saver before Christmas, and since ReaperBrushless' logo is so Christmas-y, why not do a Reaper promotion? So, we have a special deal that will run through Christmas or while supplies last. Here's how it works:

1.Make a new web order for any 3DHS ARF (that's 40" up to 89", any of them) but DON'T CHECK OUT YET!

2.Go to our homepage and click on the "Add-A Reaper" banner.

3.Choose either a Reaper GR-35 motor (great for our 47" aircraft) or a GR-60 motor (Great in our 55-57" aircraft) for your "add a Reaper", click the link to the "Add a Reaper" you want an add it to your cart.

4.Check out.

5.Sit back and wait for your package to arrive, knowing you got a screaming deal on a great airplane and an awesome motor.

The cost to Add a Reaper GR-35 to your ARF order is only $39.99! The cost to add the awesome 1200W Reaper GR-60 is only $59.99!

Note that the "Add a Reaper" is only valid with a NEW ARF order placed over our website. It's not retroactive to any previous orders.

Fly Low and Merry Christmas!


Omega motors

We're proud to introduce our first 3DHS motors, the Omega line. Starting with 2 motors to fit our most popular aircraft, we'll be expanding the line to fit most of our airframes during 2009.

Why motors? Aren't the Torque and Reaper and Hacker products basically perfect? Yes, they are. And, for a lot of folks, they're also too expensive. We've seen way too many people taking a risk on unknown motors and sometimes people get burned.

So, we decided we also needed a line of motors that was both reliable and less expensive. So, Omega.

The Omega system has part numbers that are based upon the size/weight of the motor (the first number) and the KV of the motor (second). The Omega 103G-1030KV is a 103 gram motor in weight, and has a KV of 1030. Hopefully this will help simplify things.

One thing that is usually problematic on less-expensive motors is bearings, so we are using name-brand NMB bearings to avoid this problem.

We're using a basic, simple, durable bar magnet package that delivers good performance.

The prop adaptor system is set up for 3DHS aircraft and uses a bolt-on adaptor for easy replacement. These 103g and 130g use the same adaptor with a 6mm prop-mounting diameter. The adaptor is long enough to use a spinner with Xoar props up to 13x6 with the aluminum prop washer, larger Xoar props require the substitution of a flat washer.

The 103G-1030KV is intended for the 47" Extra SHP. It's perfect on 3S and either a 12x6 or 13x6.5 prop, depending on how much voltage the pack holds. We'll be introducing a new aircraft for it in Spring '09, as well.

The 130g-870KV is perfect for the 47" Edge 540, 47" Extra SR, EBT, and 46" Aspera. It's a flexible 3S/4S motor. On 4S, with most packs, 12x6 is appropriate, although a very hot lipo pack may require propping down to 11x5.5 to stay within amp limits. On 3S 13x6.5 or 14x7 are appropriate, again depending on how hot the lipo is.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding some combo deals with these new motors.

Fly Low


New Video, Schedules, Stuff

Lots going on -

The Pre-Christmas sale is winding down. We'll have the sale finished and regular pricing back within a few days. If you've been looking at an airplane on sale, get that order in now, you can still catch the sale price until we get all of the sale buttons turned off!


Josh Young and myself have beating on our 89" Slick prototypes. Josh recently made a new video, see it here.
I've been flying mine on a Hacker A60-18L lately. Excellent setup. 12S 5000mah Zippy batteries (Only $152 for the 12S pack!!!!) are working fine. Here's some video on the Hacker.

We'll be posting pics of the #2 yellow color scheme for the 89" Slick this week.


Look for a new money-saving promotion from 3DHS and ReaperBrushless in the next week or so. We're loving our Reaper motors, really excellent products, and we think everyone should try we're cooking up a promotion to to make that happen! more details soon.


Look for a major new product announcement from 3DHS before Christmas. (No, it's not an airframe this time)


Fly Low!