New planes?

OK, this is a short post, but we get asked pretty constantly "What's coming next?". The answer is - we don't always know which one we want to produce next until our developers pronounce a plane "ready". So, I thought it would be helpful to make a list of what's in development, knowing that the production order is not set in stone.

On the water:

55" Edge
47" Edge
40" Edge
47" Extra SHP
87" Extra SHP (White/Blue color)

In production:

46" Aspera V2
89" AJ slick 540
47" Velox (Blue)

In development:

40" 3D scale
42" Precision/3D
45" Precision hybrid
47" Scale
55" Profile
56" Precision hybrid
60" Precision
70" 3D scale
78" Precision
86" 3D scale
103" Precision/3D
123" Precision/3D

Some of these are flying, some are only lines on the screen, but all are in the pipeline for '09.

Should be a great next year!

Fly Low!


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Anonymous said...

Alrighty then-precision/hybrid! Gets the blood flowing to the brain hearing those words. Not enough of those on the market right now, glad to hear someone's finally getting some non-scale 3D/pattern planes going! Put me down for one please(56") :)