3DHobbyShop ARF lineup 40-53"

We've been asked on many occasions to write an article detailing the characteristics of our various ARFs. Here's a first attempt at that:

40" Edge

The 40" Edge is a next-generation mini-3D/aerobatic plane. It has no wing rock upright (when flown correctly, of course), very good pitch rate, very low KE coupling and is basically capable of anything its 47" brothers can do. It features carbon-fiber gear on a strong plate that won't break out on the first landing like so many 40" planes. This plane is tremendous fun. My current favorite setup for it is a 3S 1500 20C pack and a Torque 2830-1095 or Reaper GR-25 motor. 3S 1320 prolites and a 20mm motor make for a light setup, but I like the higher power on this one. Available in November '08 in Red/White and Green/White schemes in lightweight film.

47" Extra SHP

Friendliest scale balsa 3D plane in the world. Developed by Scott Stoops. If you are new to 3D or just want a no-stress plane with lots of performance to keep in the trunk or backseat, the 47" SHP is it. Now in its 5th production run, the Extra sells out too quickly! Very little wing rock upright, none inverted, very little or no roll coupling, and easy-easy-easy post-stall flight...the Extra is very confidence-inspiring. Don't overpower it, it likes to be under 500 watts. 3S 2200mah packs are perfect. Available in Blue/White and Yellow/Black schemes in lightweight film.

47" Extra SR

A development of the 47" SHP for more power. Clear to go all the way up to 800 watts. Can also fly on the same power system as the 47" SHP. Like the SHP, but stronger and more responsive, at the penalty of an extra ounce or so of total weight on the same power system. Very versatile 3D and precision plane. Adds SFGs to the wingtips for better knife-edge performance. Use either 3S 2200 lipo for a 400-450W system, or 4S 2200 lipo for a 550-650W system. Fun either way. I prefer the Reaper GR-35 motor on either pack. Available in Red lightweight film.

47" Velox Revolution 1

A scale model of the Velox Revolution single-seat plane tested for Red-Bull air racing. Developed by Scott Stoops. The full-scale racer has SFG's and so does our model. Wild. Crazy. Extremely high performance 3D aircraft. Still the highest performance small balsa 3D plane around. Best powered with 4S 2200 25C to get 550-650 Watts, the Velox will do crazy high-speed climbing maneuvers, wild tumbles, elevator down without rock, harrier without rock, and hover easily...then you can shoot out of hover back into crazy climbing maneuvers. Not as gentle as the Extras, but tremendous fun and a real shock to the guys at the club field. Available in Red/White and (sometimes) Blue/White lightweight film.

47" Edge 540

A quite scale single-seat Edge developed by Scott Stoops. Perfect upright harrier. Perfect rolling harrier. As perfect as knife-edge gets with an Edge airframe. Superb tracking. Feels like giant-scale on calm days. Not quite as knock-around robust as the Extras, but more precise and lighter-feeling than the Extras. Perfect on 3S 2200 as an extremely slow, light-feeling, close-in 3D machine. Also works well on 4S 2200. I prefer it on 100-110 gram motors like the Torque 2818 and Hacker A30-16M. and 12-13" props. Available in November '08 in Red/White or Pearl Green/White Ultracote.

47" Katana

Lightweight precision plane for 3S 2200 that will also 3D fairly well. Excellent tracking, precision, and snapping performance. Hovers and torque-rolls easily, but has some wing-rock upright with most setups. No rock inverted. Virtually no knife-edge coupling. Likes a 100-110gram motor. Not for 3D beginners, but great fun for sport pilots, precision pilots or advanced 3D pilots. Available in White/Red lightweight film.

49" Sukhoi

Scale model of Scott Stoops' full-size Sukhoi SU-26MX. 500+ Watts required for good 3D performance. Very precise. Fast. Stable in harrier and hover, very stable with low coupling in knife-edge. I like it best on 4S 2600 25C and a Hacker A30-10XL on 13x6.5 prop. Lots of power. Looks fabulous. Great all around precision and 3D aircraft. Available in Scale Red/White and fantasy racing Blue/Silver lightweight film.

51" AJ Slick

Scale model of the Slick 540 aerobatic plane. A very big 51" plane because of the large fuselage. Developed by Andrew Jesky. Simply awesome all around 3D and precision aerobatic performer. Easy hover, no-rock and easy harrier, great snaps even at low speed, very precise. Does a convincing impersonation of a 100CC giant scale plane in calm air.

53" EBT Trainer

Basic flat-bottom-wing trainer. Light, strong, easy to fly, simple. Good way to continue training after planes like the HobbyZone SuperCub or the Aerobirds, etc. Can fly on any of the setups from our 47-49" aircraft, so you won't be throwing away any parts when you progress from the EBT to one of our aerobatic aircraft. Good camera plane, good float plane, good ski plane, good bomb-drop plane. Good fun plane. Available in Yellow/Blue and White/Blue lightweight film.

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