Katanas and more Katanas

We still need to make more room in the warehouse - 87" Extras are inbound (the white/blue scheme) and are expected to arrive within a few weeks. Shortly thereafter, we expect 89" Slicks...big boxes that take up a LOT of space. So, it's time to close out the 55" Katanas as well.

When the 55" Kat was designed, motor choices were more limited than they are now. The best power setup was the Torque 4014-T570 on 5S. This is still a good choice, it gives the Katana a massively overpowered feel that personally I like a lot. However, now we also have the Reaper motors - the GR-60 can do on 4S what the Torque does on 5S, giving us extra flexibility...and the cool little GR-45 can haul the Katana around just fine for 3D on cheaper, smaller packs. So, lots of options.

The 55" Katana is a fun airplane. Very happy to chase its tail and do wild 3D, it's also fast, especially on the GR-60 or 4014 w/ a 13x8 prop.

So, more closeout craziness! We also have a pre-Christmas sale coming next month, but you'll have to wait for details on that one.

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