Happy Halloween - Spooky Specials at 3DH

Since Reaper Brushless has a spooky name/logo, it seems right to do a Halloween special based around the Reaper motors. So, we have two specials going:

3DHS Extra SR 47" ARF + Reaper GR35 motor - $189.99

This reaper is a perfect fit in the SR. Use a 14x7 prop on 3S or a 12x6 prop on 4S and a 45-55Amp ESC.

3DHS Yak 54 55" Purple ARF + Reaper GR60 motor - $239.99

Lots of power here. The GR60 produces over 1,000 Watts on a decent 4S pack wuth 14x7-15x7 props. Perfect for the 55" Yak.

Limited quantities on both. Happy Halloween!

Fly Low


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