One more deal before Christmas...

OK, there's time for one more money-saver before Christmas, and since ReaperBrushless' logo is so Christmas-y, why not do a Reaper promotion? So, we have a special deal that will run through Christmas or while supplies last. Here's how it works:

1.Make a new web order for any 3DHS ARF (that's 40" up to 89", any of them) but DON'T CHECK OUT YET!

2.Go to our homepage and click on the "Add-A Reaper" banner.

3.Choose either a Reaper GR-35 motor (great for our 47" aircraft) or a GR-60 motor (Great in our 55-57" aircraft) for your "add a Reaper", click the link to the "Add a Reaper" you want an add it to your cart.

4.Check out.

5.Sit back and wait for your package to arrive, knowing you got a screaming deal on a great airplane and an awesome motor.

The cost to Add a Reaper GR-35 to your ARF order is only $39.99! The cost to add the awesome 1200W Reaper GR-60 is only $59.99!

Note that the "Add a Reaper" is only valid with a NEW ARF order placed over our website. It's not retroactive to any previous orders.

Fly Low and Merry Christmas!


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