Here's a list of the events on the 3DHobbyShop calendar (so far) in 2009:

Arizona Electric Festival Jan 22-25

Scott Stoops and Andrew Jesky will be flying their designs and the 3DH crew will be selling airframes and accessories. 3 new aircraft to be officially unveiled for Late Spring/summer delivery.

T.I.N.Y March 7-8

I'll be hosing up simple maneuvers in the indoor pattern competition, 3DH crew will have ARF aircraft for sale.

The Toledo RC Show April 3-5

Tentative. It is difficult to get into the show, but we're planning on being there. Andrew Jesky will be competing in the ETOC contest with his "Osiris" indoor precision aircraft. We should have a full lineup of ARF aircraft to sell. 1 new aircraft expected to debut.

S.E.F.F. April 30-May 3

Too much fun! We'll be on the 3D flightline. Andrew Jesky and Scott Stoops to fly demos. Lots of our friends set up tents on the flightline and it's a big party all weekend.

Joe Nall May 13-16

Tentative. It's only a few weeks after SEFF, so we're planning to fly in and set up a small tent near the main flightline.

Fly-Low-In June 5-7

This is our company Fly-In. Last year, we had people from Alabama, California, Kansas, and Norway! 3D all weekend. Plenty of aircraf to sell and a great raffle. Excellent hosting by the 114th aero Squadron.

Futaba XFC June 12-14

Tentative. Andrew Jesky expected to compete. We may spectate, or may vend, too early to plan.

BEST Electrics - Expected in October - Info to come.

Tucson Shootout - October - Info to come.


Whew. I'm tired already.

Fly Low!


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MadMonkey said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the 114th, too! Make sure you bring all the bargain-bin stuff you can, I'm saving my pennies :D