70" Slick Video

New 70" Slick video is up on our YouTube Channel!

Fantastic vinyl package from ADC Hobbystore.

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And for the Vyper Fans...

We've got some new T-shirt designs on our Cafepress site for you Vyper guys-

In green & yellow, of course!

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Cool 89" Slick Video

Check out this video from some 3DHS pilots on the Pacific coast- very cool piloting, videography, and editing on this one- good job, guys!

They let us post it on our YouTube Channel, so once you've watched it, head over there and tell us what you think!

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3DHS in Model Aviation Magazine

3D Hobby Shop is featured in the September 2009 issue of Model Aviation Magazine!

Model Aviation is the publication of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics). Author Jay Smith wrote a great article in the About Us section (pp. 114-115), which includes interviews with yours truly, as well as our aircraft designers- Scott Stoops and Andrew Jesky.

The write up also includes a contest to win one of our 57" Sukhois- so check it out!

And to find out more about everything the AMA does for the RC airplane community, visit their website.
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57" Extra 330 SC Video

Here's a video of the 57" Extra 330 SC in action:

Expected in our warehouse mid-September, you can pre-order here in red/blue or blue/yellow, and follow the thread at RC Groups.

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AJ in Portugal- F3A Pattern World Championship

So, as many of you know, one of our designers and National Pattern Champion Andrew Jesky is in Portugal to contest the F3A Pattern World Championship. Here's his basic schedule:

Aug 20th Thursday- Arrival of Teams FAI Jury and Judges.
Unofficial Practice at Practice sites.

Aug 21st Friday- Arrival of teams and registration
Briefing and training flights for judges
Team Managers Meeting
Model Processing and Official Practice

Aug 22nd Saturday- Model Processing and Official Practice
Opening Ceremony Reception at Town Hall and Buffet

Aug 23rd Sunday- Round 1 - Preliminaries - Flight line A and B

Aug 24th Monday- Round 2 - Preliminaries - Flight line A and B

Aug 25th Tuesday- Round 3 - Preliminaries - Flight line A and B

Aug 26th Wednesday- Round 4 - Preliminaries - Flight line A and B

Aug 27th Thursday- Reserve day for Preliminaries Flights
Official practice for semi-finalists
Judges Briefing
Sightseeing Tour

Aug 28th Friday- Semi-finals - Rounds 5 and 6 - Flight line A and B
Meeting for judges and TM of Final pilots

Aug 29th Saturday- First round of finals according to schedule F09.
Second round of finals according to unknown schedule 1.
Third round of finals according to schedule F09.
Fourth round of finals according to unknown schedule.
Closing Ceremony in front MCPO headquarters Banquet at Sporting Complex of Pombal.

And here's the first pic I've found of AJ at the contest.

This plane is his custom-painted Krill Aviation Spark.

We'll post progress and results as we receive them...

Good Luck, Andrew!!


3DHS Build Videos

One of our goals here at 3D Hobby Shop is to provide great info and resources about the RC hobby. Although our aircraft are ARFs (Almost Ready to Fly), they of course do require assembly and set up. While each kit comes with its own instruction manual, sometimes it's helpful to see the steps of a build rather than to just read about them.

IPSmotors, one of our Team 3D Hobby Shop pilots, has put together some great build videos for most of our ARFs. You can find them here on his vimeo page.

These videos are well-made and give some great building tips for beginners and pros alike.

This is build video #1 for our 70" Slick. Check out all his build and flight videos on vimeo!

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Heatwave 2009 Night Flying

The Tulsa Heatwave in the Heartland lived up to its name- it was hot!! But there was some great flying, all day and all night.

We rigged up our 87" & 103" Extras with Xerogear LED lights- they lit up the whole field at night! (Credit goes to Brian Chitty for the above pic.) Check out this video on our YouTube channel-

51" Slick Vinyl Bling

Just got the vinyl decal packages for the new 51" Slick fantasy scheme in from ADC Hobbystore, and they are awesome!
Here's the new color scheme out of the box:
And here are two different vinyl packages ADC created:

This vinyl will be available for the 70" Slicks as well. Great job as usual, Rob!

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3d EPP

A good friend of ours in the RC world is launching his own website tonight- 3dEPP.com !

If you were at SEFF or the Fly-Low-In this year, you saw some of these amazing little planes fly.

By popular demand, they are now in production as a pre-painted EPP kit. To see how they fly, check out our YouTube video:

And to get one for yourself, visit 3d EPP.com!

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New!! 57" Extra 330 SC

We introduced a new ARF to the 3D Hobby Shop lineup this week- the 57" Extra 330 SC!

This gorgeous new ARF was developed for us by Scott Stoops, and is the little brother to our 103" Extra 330 SC.


  • 57" Wingspan, 57" Long (w/ spinner)

  • 680 sq. inches wing area

  • Covered in Ultracote

  • Carbon landing gear

  • Composite-reinforced LG plate

  • Tinted canopy

  • Single Ball-link controls

  • SFGs included wing bags, with pockets for wing tube and SFG's

Recommended Equipment:

  • 8-10 oz. brushless motor

  • 80-85A ESC

  • 4S 3000-4400mah or 5S 3000-3700mah

  • 4 x HS225MG servos

  • 63mm spinner

  • DUB672 servo arms

  • 14x7 or 15x7 prop

Decals come standard with the kit-

Thanks to ADC Vinyl for allowing us to use their design.

These planes are available for pre-order in red/blue or yellow/blue (no pics yet of the yellow/blue, but the scheme is very similar to the 103" 330 SC) and are due into our warehouse in mid-September.

For more info, follow the thread on RC Groups-

Fly Low!


New 51" AJ Slick Fantasy Scheme

Our customers love our Andrew Jesky designed AJ Slick! Starting with the original 51" size, the Slick fleet has grown now to include 42", 70", 89", and 126" versions. Because of their popularity, we've come back to the 51" and added a third color scheme. Available for preorder, these will be ready to ship in mid-September.

This fantasy scheme is striking as is, or add your custom decals from ADC Vinyl.

For more info on the 51" Slick check out the RC Groups thread here.